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There are places that are enchanted and I have discovered one of them.

Having lived in Toronto, Oakville, Hamilton and Ottawa, I have recently moved to Combermere, Ontario. This move marked the culmination of a long-time dream to be closer to the magic of the Canadian north and the beauty of the Madawaska Valley.

My interest in the Madawaska Valley is rooted in my parents' stories of the Ukrainian town from which they emigratedand the local Polish heritage here in Kashubi. These explorations are underpineed by a deep love for the landscapes of The Valley and the people who call it home. 

I frequently visit local farms, lakes, and rivers and enjoy conversations with my many new friends who inspire me with their dedication to the land, family and nature.  

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"Lesha's work leads us to experience new levels of association and meaning, and I am always aware of a quality in her work that reminds me that a feminine perspective is being expressed.  It is not a stereotypical view because so much of her work is still life and flowers; rather, it is a reflection on a deep level of what it is to experience life as a woman.

...When I see things in her work that speak to pride in her Ukrainian heritage, to love of her daughter, to her passion for the natural world and its beauty, I know that everyone else, whether they know her or not, also shares those experiences... Lesha helps us to understand her subjects' true natures, enriched with colours, forms, patterns, textures, symbols and shapes in her masterful conceptualizations."

Jane Marshall | Artist, Writer

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